Order a Cobb Theatres Gift Card

Cobb Theatres is excited to announce our transition to a new and improved means to order gift cards online. Soon you, our valued guest, will be able to choose either a Digital Gift Card, delivered immediately upon ordering with no delivery fee, or the current, traditional Plastic Gift Card, delivered by your preferred method of shipment for an additional cost. Other exciting features and options will also be available over time. We expect this transition to be complete on or about June 15, 2017. In the interim, we are providing you the opportunity to continue to purchase gift cards online. This interim solution is limited in that only the “To” field and the “From” field is able to be completed, and FedEx Ground delivery is the only available delivery means at the standard rate of $7.95. Should you desire a more personalized approach to sending a gift card during this interim period, you can contact our Corporate Offices at (205) 802-7766 for assistance. Of course, you are still able to purchase a gift card in person, at any of our theatre locations. Thank you.


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